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Jupiter Ridge Farm offers a unique and exclusive CSA.

Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Membership is a Late Season CSA. It runs from July to November instead of May to November, unlike most CSA’s in our growing zone.

We do this to ensure that our subscribers have the most optimal variety of produce all throughout their membership and the season, especially at the beginning, which starts at the peak of the season’s offerings (July) and continues to November when offerings continue to be just as diverse but change in seasonality.

Prices Vary Year to Year – Email Us for This Season’s Prices At:

Offerings Include (But Are Not Limited To, Depending on Seasonality):

-Tomatoes (cherry, heirloom, slicers)
-Mushrooms (shiitake, lion’s mane, oyster)
-Salad greens
-Collard greens
-Head lettuce
-Sweet and hot peppers
-Summer Squash
-Winter Squash
-Pie pumpkins
-Radishes (spring and winter)
-Snap peas
-Swiss or Rainbow Chard
-Culinary herbs (basil, parsley, etc.)
-And more

“First rate experience last year and looking forward to fresh food in just three months.”

-2018 CSA Subscriber Kevin Visser

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All items are delivered in a chilled cooler straight to your doorstep every Tuesday if you live in the Cedar Rapids area. Each Tuesday, leave out your cooler from the previous week so we can refill it and replace it with a fresh one filled with your week’s delivered CSA share.

Don’t live in Cedar Rapids? We can still deliver straight to your door if you refer a friend or neighbor who lives nearby (and you’ll get a discount!)

Make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter so you know what you’ll get in next week’s share! Newsletters will also include advice and tips on how to use certain produce, recipe ideas, health and nutrition information, and some farm updates.

Scroll up and click the “Subscribe” button on the left hand side (web) or find it all the way at the bottom (mobile). If you don’t subscribe there, you will not have next week’s CSA Share contents emailed to you.

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To further guarantee subscriber satisfaction, best produce quality, and the highest diversity of vegetable and mushroom offerings possible, we limit our member numbers. 

If you’d like to be a subscriber for the upcoming growing season, get in touch and sign up as soon as possible since we aim to keep member numbers low and exclusive!

To Join Our CSA, Contact Us:

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