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Jupiter Ridge Farm offers a unique and exclusive CSA. Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Membership is a Late Season CSA: it runs from July to November instead of May to November, unlike most CSA’s in our growing zone.

New or inquiring potential members sometimes ask us: why do you guys start later in the year than other CSA’s?

In our past years working for and with other CSA’s (in Texas and Iowa respectively) and before starting Jupiter Ridge Farm, we were struck by the fact that a lot of produce variety tends to be limited in the months of May and June. Even with a ton of vegetable diversity packed into a spring share during these months, most of it was still almost all greens– either spinach, arugula, bunched kale, kale greens, head lettuce, salad greens, collards, chard, or other leafy vegetables.

We’ve found that while some members loved this, others tired of it real quick. We heard the question “when do the real vegetables start getting here?” a lot in mid-June, maybe after a member had their sixth box of mostly greens for the sixth week in a row (and maybe some salad turnips and radishes, too).


We made it so our model starts in mid July, when the greatest diversity and abundance of produce is available: greens, onions, kohlrabi, broccoli, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, beets, carrots, etc., you name it. This is to ensure that our members experience the most optimal variety of produce all throughout their membership and the season, but especially right at the beginning of their paid season! We also found that there is still a ton of produce variety well into November, too, and all the way up until Thanksgiving. Why not keep a good thing going?

We offer a CSA to Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Surrounding Areas.

CSA Memberships also available for Dyersville, Peosta, Dubuque, and Surrounding Areas.

Prices Vary Year to Year – Delivery and Pick Up Options Available – Email Us for This Season’s Prices and Available Memberships At:


For those champing at the bit for earlier CSA boxes and tons of greens (or who don’t want to commit to a full CSA season membership), we set up our “Early Bird Box” Farm Share program for the month of May (and possibly earlier) through early July. We continue with farm share box sales throughout the season when surplus produce is available!

We email our CSA members first to give them priority availability if they want one or more before the full season begins in July. But we will also add people to our email list on our CSA waiting list and others who might be interested so they can be the first to know and buy one if they want, too. Email us if you’d be interested in a farm share box and if you’re located in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Dyersville, Colesburg, Peosta, Manchester, and Elkader areas of Iowa!

Keep in mind that these farm share boxes are not memberships, but a limited number of weekly available boxes that can be pre-ordered and paid for (securely with Stripe) through our online store and only when you want them that week. Either delivery or pick up are available. There is no commitment to getting them every week – only buying them when you want, no membership needed!

To Join our Exclusive Email List and Be the First to Know When Early Bird Boxes Come Available, Email Us and We’ll Add You!

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Offerings Include (But Are Not Limited To, Depending on Seasonality):

-Tomatoes (cherry, heirloom, slicers)
-Mushrooms (shiitake, lion’s mane, oyster)
-Salad greens
-Collard greens
-Garlic scapes
-Head lettuce
-Sweet peppers
-Hot peppers
-Summer Squash
-Winter Squash
-Pie pumpkins
-Radishes (spring and winter)
-Snap peas
-Swiss or Rainbow Chard
-And more

“First rate experience last year and looking forward to fresh food in just three months.”

– 2018 Cedar Rapids CSA Member Kevin Visser

shiitakes iowa

“Just got my second box of amazing goodies. The quality of these fresh veggies and spices are beyond my expectations. I am hooked on garlic scapes, where have they been all my life!!! Thanks for the great, fresh and locally grown goodness you are sharing with us.”

– 2020 Dyersville Farm Share Box Buyer Karri Parrot

If you sign up for a CSA delivery share, all items are delivered in a chilled cooler or lined box straight to your doorstep every Tuesday if you live in the Cedar Rapids area (or in Dyersville). Each Tuesday, leave out your cooler or box from the previous week so we can replace it with a fresh one filled with your week’s delivered CSA share. If you received a box with liner, you can leave that out and we will take that back too, though that is not required.

Our CSA pick up option for Cedar Rapids is to pick up at Rodina in the Czech Village on Wednesdays every week from mid-July through November while it is open (1 PM-10 PM).

“We so enjoyed our first veggie box last week – pretty sure that was the best cucumber I’ve had in my entire life. Each meal we cooked with ingredients from the box was tastier than the last! Looking forward to today’s delivery – thank you for sharing all your hard work and expertise with us in the most delicious way!”

– Megan Stobb, 2020 Cedar Rapids CSA Member

Pick up option for Dyersville area is TBD, but inquire if you’d be interested. Right now we only have delivery available, but may be able to arrange a pick up for the area if demand increases.

Make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter so you know what you’ll get in next week’s share! Newsletters will also include advice and tips on how to use certain produce, recipe ideas, health and nutrition information, and some farm updates.

Scroll up and click the “Subscribe” button on the left hand side (web) or find it all the way at the bottom (mobile). If you don’t subscribe there, you will not have next week’s CSA Share contents emailed to you.

dill iowa jupiter ridge farm

“Walked outside and my veggie box was there! I’m truly blown away at the freshness of the products and how great tasting they are. My kids have already ate the sugar snap peas and cucumbers! …this has made me so happy! Can’t wait to get more goodies, thanks for all your hard work guys.”

 – 2020 Cedar Rapids CSA Member Aluria Peyton

To further guarantee subscriber satisfaction, best produce quality, and the highest diversity of vegetable and mushroom offerings possible, we limit our member numbers. 

If you’d like to be a subscriber for the upcoming growing season, get in touch and sign up as soon as possible since we aim to keep member numbers low and exclusive!

To Join Our CSA, Contact Us:


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