Farm Ridge View from Drone | Jupiter Ridge LLC


Jupiter Ridge Farm (Jupiter Ridge LLC) produces sustainably and regeneratively grown gourmet mushrooms, herbs, and vegetables in Garber, Iowa, deep in the Driftless between Elkader and Guttenberg – one hour south of Decorah, and one hour northeast of Dubuque.

The farm is located atop a 1200-foot high ridge covered with prairie and forest, nestled in the bluffs of northeastern Iowa. We farm this land in deep thanks to Steve Beaumont (pictured below) who graciously and generously donated his land to SILT (the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust) so sustainable food farmers like ourselves could put it to good use for community and the planet. 

From Left to Right: Land Owner/Donor to SILT Steve Beaumont, Adrian White, WIlliam Lorentzen | Photo Credit Manchester Press

Farmer William Lorentzen, along with co-farmer, co-owner, and freelance sustainable agriculture and herbalist writer Adrian White, combine their farming fortes into a happy and sustainable whole. Mushrooms (including varieties of shiitake, oysters, and lion’s mane) are grown organically on hardwood logs that are ethically and locally sourced using sustainable forestry practices. Diverse vegetables are produced using sustainable, regenerative, and environmentally responsible growing methods: including healthy soil building, cover cropping, crop rotation, compost amending, all-natural fertilizers, and minimal chemical use (only all-natural, plant-based, non-harmful curative pesticides allowed in USDA organic certification, and only in dire instances). Jupiter Ridge LLC is currently in the application process of becoming USDA Certified Organic.

Where can you find us? We sell our very diverse produce, herbs, and more to the Dubuque community every Saturday: at the corner of 10th and Iowa streets at the Dubuque Farmers Market in the summer (May-Oct.), and at the Dubuque Winter Farmers Market the rest of the year (Nov.-April). Jupiter Ridge Farm also has a small, but growing, limited member and exclusive late-season CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas.

Over the years, Jupiter Ridge’s (formerly Oak Savanna’s) gourmet mushrooms have found their way to many a plate in local restaurants such as ShareBasta, Pullman Bar and Diner, and Clinton Street Social Club in Iowa City; the Palisades Cafe in Mt. Vernon; and Amos Dean’s in Solon, Iowa. They have also been available at New Pioneer Co-ops in Iowa City, Coralville, and Cedar Rapids.

Shiitake Mushroom Logs Fruiting | Jupiter Ridge LLC

Currently, Jupiter Ridge regularly sells product to restaurants including Cobble Hill Eatery & DispensaryMap RoomQuarter Barrel Arcade and BreweryLightworks Cafe, and many other restaurants in Cedar Rapids; Rodina in the Czech Village; Brazen Open Kitchen and Park Farm Winery in and near Dubuque; Luna Valley Farm in Decorah, Schera’s Algerian Bar and Restaurant in Elkader, Brew & Brew in Dyersville, Verve Kombucha in Waterloo, and expanding to others all the time.

We also network with other businesses, non-profits, restaurants, fellow small sustainable farmers, and wholesale buyers in a way that supports small farmers in Eastern and Driftless Iowa – including The Kitchen Counter, Chef Run Farms and Catering, Hoffmann Family Farms, Turkey River Farm, Sandhill Farm, Echollective Farm, Onion Grove, Muddy Miss Farms, Millet Seed urban farm, and others.

Weeding the Farm | Jupiter Ridge LLC

Jupiter Ridge donates its surplus food to non-profits like Feed Iowa First to get healthy, sustainable food to people in need. The farm also sells its produce and mushrooms direct to consumer at the Dubuque Farmers Market in spring, summer, and fall and the Dubuque Winter Farmers Market.

Jupiter Ridge Farm and its farmers have been written about in publications like Salon Magazine, Civil Eats, and Good Housekeeping. In 2018, Will and Adrian were also invited to speak at the annual Iowa Organic Conference on diversifying one’s farm with vegetables and mushrooms.

Carrots | Jupiter Ridge LLC

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  1. Hello,
    Just today(6/8)purchased one of your shitake mushroom logs at Dubuque farmers mkt. You were out of instructions. Could you please send(text) a copy. Looking forward to enjoying them.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi David – would you mind reminding us of what your email address is and we can send them over to you? We had a few customers come through asking for print-out instructions and we’re not sure whose email address was whose. Thank you!

      1. Adrian,sorry for not including a email address. ( Additionally could you please provide CSA pricing and info. We are just a family of 2 so we would be looking for that appropriate sizing amount. Also, I noticed on the mushroom log we purchased that one end has a nail. Does that have any meaning? How long do the logs produce and when is it best to pick the mushrooms? Excited about our new and interesting log. Thank you and keep up the great organic farm practice!
        Dave Soat

  2. Hello,
    I am a beginner mushroom growing hobbiest. I am wondering if you are hiring for any farm help?

    1. Hi Celia! Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the delay we don’t check out our website comments much.

      We’re not hiring at the moment but we might be in the future. If that’s the case we’ll be in touch if we’re looking for more people. Where do you live perchance?

    2. Hi Celia! So sorry for the delay in getting back to you, this is such a busy time of year for us. We are not looking for work at the moment. But we may in the future. Where are you located in relation to our farm? Thanks for reaching out, and we will keep you in mind!

  3. Hello! My name is Morgan. I grew up on a small farm. I live in Leander Texas and would really love an opportunity to get back into what I’m used to. I have grown up around horses and other animals. It’s been several years but I would love to help out however I can. I would greatly appreciate any opportunity! Thanks

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