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Jupiter Ridge Farm offers seasonal farm work and volunteer opportunities on an organic farm in Iowa.

Though we may accept enthusiastic volunteers, we’re more keen on taking on potential farm acolytes (officially as seasonal part-time paid farm hands) passionate about organic farming, learning all about it in a hands-on manner, and better yet, who may themselves be aiming to become farmers (diverse vegetables and mushroom focus).

We’ll be looking for workers willing to spend a whole summer season working with us to expand their resumes, with peak months being between June and September.

However, interest in the work is not necessary or required – though it does and will help (basic enthusiasm for the job and to work will be appreciated!) Passionate, willing, and able workers may merit opportunities to work full-time if desired, but only after an initial part-time trial period.

Note: this can be a very educational opportunity for the right candidate. But, bottom-line, this is paid farmhand work, not an internship. You will learn as the owners/operators learned to farm – we ourselves worked as farmhands at organic farming operations all over the country for 8-9 years before starting our farm here in 2017.

Passionate people who show self-starting initiative to learn, and the ability to extrapolate learning experiences through immersing themselves in farm work and lifestyle, will excel the most here. Though field work will be the primary aspect, we may have opportunities for farmers market work and restaurant delivery work as well.

We can assure and guarantee to those interested that they will be working side-by-side with the owners and operators in these tasks, as we are regularly a part of every aspect of the farm’s production. Physical labor is unfortunately a requirement of the work, so we can only accept those interested who can also withstand physical labor and heavy lifting.will lettuce jupiter ridge
Working with us may also afford the right interested and motivated candidates the possibility of connecting with and networking within the larger organic farming scence and food industry here in eastern and Driftless Iowa.

You may have the opportunity to meet farmers, chefs, and food workers in the Driftless, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City areas and beyond, and perhaps have the opportunity to learn other facets of agriculture in the surrounding areas – such as about grass-fed pasture-finished beef, pastured heritage pork, poultry, and much more.

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